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18.10.07 23:03
### yesterday's gone - don't wanna face tomorrow ###

writing to you, author...

look at you, look at what you've become after all...
all this online-stuff, all this ... pictures, this communication, videos, texts...
what you do, what you look like, what you are for the world, what you are for freaks like me...

for the outsiders it looks like you are living online, it looks like you live for going out, for just having fun - don't dare to think of tomorrow...

i would have given you anything, i would have been your world, your universe, your dreams - i just wanted you to do the same, to live your life for me, as i did it for you... but you wanted more, more than my life, my world, my dreams - more than me...

you've chosen another way, the way of ... freedom?

i bet you'll understand and know better in a couple of years...

you showed too much of your life to the world - those parts that i wanted to share just with you, to become the perfect couple

as long as you live THIS one way you're living by now, WE won't get a chance, my dear

... and now it's time for me to go on, go on going my way
because the future is mine

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15.8.06 00:36
also ich kann mich noch an dieses design erinnern ^^

ich bins übrigens 'nienil'
falls du dich erinnern solltest, bin sogar noch verlinkt :D

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6.8.06 00:46
trulala die Hamstar sind da!
Pass auf, sie schleichen sich herein!
UNd hacken dir ab die Beinelein!
Oh pass auf, es riecht, es stinkt, es Kratzt
... und alles was man einst liebte versiegte.
Auf ewig.

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9.7.06 22:33
lösch doch
sowas stinkt scho ja ja

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24.6.06 20:47
scheiß spam

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19.5.05 15:37
geräusch, des isn album von den ärzten...coolerblog

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