I did not make this out of boredom.
I was just astonished how the developer of this test, rates a life's important components.
what makes a life more worth living, if you have 400+ friends on myspace?
and what is important, by the fact of having a car?
is you life getting better with the day you get your driving licence?
and what's that shit about the swimming pool...
my god.
and we all are just awaiting the number of percents...

Here we go...

[ ] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend
[x] You love music.
[x] You have your own room.
[x] You own a mobile phone
[x] You have an ipod/ mp3 player.
[ ] Your parents are still married.
[ ] You have more than 1 best friend. (BEST means one person ...-.-)
[x] There is a swimming pool/hot tub in your backyard
T 0 T A L: 5

[x] You dress how you want to.
[ ] You hang out with friends more than once a week.not at school/college/work
[x] There is a computer / laptop in your room right now.
[x] You have never been beaten up.
[x] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
[x] Your room isn't too small for you.
T 0 T A L S 0 F A R: 10

[ ] You have 400+ friends on myspace
[x] You have pictures on myspace
[x] You have a myspace
[x] You get allowance/wage/salary.
[ ] You collect something normal (not NORMAL at all )
[x] You sometimes look foward to going to school/work.
[x] You don't wish you were someone else.
[x] You do something after school/college
T 0 T A L S 0 F A R: 16

[x] You own a car.
[x] You usually don't fight with your mom.
[x]You are happy with your appearance.
[x] You do not have any failing grades.
[x] You have friends.
T 0 T A L S 0 F A R: 21

[ ] You know what is going on in the world.
[x] You care about many people.
[x] You know more than one language
[x] You have a screen name..
[x] You own a pet.
[x] You know the words to more than 5 songs.
[x] You don't have any serious enemies.
[x] You’re generally a nice person
T O T A L S O F A R: 28

my life is 84% worth living

9.1.08 10:07


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